Amerisource Energy Solutions, Inc., a Delaware corporation, formed in 2017 and wholly owns two operating subsidiaries including Green Energy Advisors, Inc. and LED Corporations, Inc. With offices in Palm Beach County, Florida, the wholly owned subsidiaries serve as contract manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor and installer of innovative, high-value LED Lights and Accessories. Amerisource Energy Solutions’ products are widely used for interior and exterior illumination of commercial and industrial facilities in the United States and around the world.

Amerisource, through its subsidiaries, has as its mission to be the leader within the light emitting diode (“LED”) lighting market by offering the most knowledgeable and informative buying process available. Through close customer contact, excellent relationships and a comprehensive line of product and resources, Amerisource meets the needs of its customers by providing a turnkey solution for implementing affordable LED lighting.

Green Energy Advisors, Inc. is a Florida corporation founded in 2011 that is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. Green Energy Advisors serves as Amerisource’s LED retail sales division. This entity purchases its LED products from LED Corporations (described below) and sells directly to retail customers (end users) such as schools, hospitals, municipalities, warehouses, etc.

Green Energy Advisors utilizes the website to promote its products. The website promotes Green Energy Advisors as a LED lighting retail sales and installation company that specializes in selling LED lights and fixtures to end-users such as hospitals, churches, municipalities, schools, businesses, and commercial property owners.

LED Corporations, Inc. is a Florida corporation founded in 2012 and is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. LED Corporations is an LED lighting manufacturer, wholesaler, distributor of innovative, high-value LED lights and accessories targeting the more than 13,000 electricians and electrical contractors across the U.S. LED Corporations’ products are used for interior and exterior illumination of commercial and industrial facilities in the United States and around the world.

LED Corporations serves as Amerisource’s contract manufacturing division acquiring and selling LED products through its uniquely positioned distributor program and to its sister subsidiary, Green Energy Advisors. In addition to promoting its products and services through its website, this subsidiary also operates which is specifically designed to host those electricians and electrical contractors who sign on as official distributors of LED Corporations LED lighting business opportunity.

Focus on Commercial and Industrial Lighting Applications. Both Green Energy Advisors and LED Corporations have determined that their best market sectors for LED lighting sales are Commercial and Industrial lighting. There are many similarities between the commercial and industrial sectors in terms of lighting technology and use trends, as lighting applications in these sectors are characterized by long operating hours (often greater than 10 hours per day) and higher lumen output requirements compared to the residential sector. As a result, this equates to greater savings and a shorter duration for a return on LED investment. In contrast, lighting in the residential sector typically operates for less than 2 hours per day, and as a such, energy costs remain low.

Working closely with businesses and resellers, Amerisource’s subsidiaries consults on product selection that best fits the needs of our clients. Our subsidiaries provide high efficient products at low wholesale prices achieving project payback periods of anywhere from .5 – 3 years on behalf of their customers. Additionally, our subsidiaries have the experience and product offerings for over 20 categories of related LED lighting applications including: