LED Corporations, Inc. (LEDC) serves as Amerisource’s contract manufacturing division acquiring and selling LED products through its distributor program and to its sister subsidiary, Green Energy Advisors. Founded in 2012, this Florida corporation specializes in the manufacturing and sale of interior and exterior LED illumination geared toward commercial and industrial facilities in the United States and around the world.

LED Corporations offers a unique and advantageous distributor program to drive LED lighting sales among electricians and contractors by giving them the necessary tools to help them secure more business. Lighting companies or individuals who come onboard through LEDC’s distributor program receive a number of beneficial resources to give them a competitive advantage relative to LED sales. These include:

  • An attractive and professional website featuring over 700 LED products with distributors branding throughout including product pages and corresponding product specification sheets.
  • Return on Investment calculator and report tool to furnish existing and prospective customers with a detailed analysis of the cost savings associated with a conversion to LED.
  • Photometric reports to ensure that the recommended product meets foot candle requirements and lighting codes that are associated with larger new construction.
  • Customized Customer Relations Management solution to manage leads and accounts, and automate and expedite quotes and invoices.

To learn more about LED Corporations, Inc, and its LED distributor website program, please visit LEDCorporations.com or contact at (888) 582-6640.